Taking the Green Inside

As stylists we’re always looking for ways to create comfortable and desirable spaces that pull on buyer’s heart strings.  Like any profession we’ve developed a formula that achieves results; a key component to that formula is the use of both indoor and outdoor plants.

Bringing green inside has many benefits – psychologically it creates a sense of calm and visually it provides a layer within the homes landscape that is neither intrusive nor unnecessary.  A Fiddle Leaf Fig in the corner of a room; a grouping of Lilly Pillys to soften a patio area and a specimen leaf in a vase, such as Monstera on a bookshelf, adds plenty of visual appeal.

It’s this green touch that we continue to use in our styling and one aspect of our service that we love to offer our clients.  The plants we supply are maintained throughout the duration of staging and in some cases well after the staging has finished and the new owners have moved in.

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