Staging in a Sluggish Market

Although some may hate to admit it, here in Toowoomba there’s been a definite slowing in certain price brackets of the market. Some properties are sitting for longer, drawing out the process for anxious vendors and pushing the cost of marketing up too.

Under these circumstances, it might seem counter-intuitive to even consider investing in staging, right? Well actually…wrong!  Both national and international data, backed by local experience still strongly suggest it’s a pretty smart thing to do and forms a vital component of a successful sales and marketing campaign.

As with any product, the better it’s packaged the more attractive it will be and the quicker it will fly off the shelf! And in real estate, it’s all about standing out from the crowd and making sure your house is the one buyer’s beat a steady path to on open days! It is also very much about getting buyers to connect emotionally with your home and that is where staging is vital.

The three most important components for a successful property sale, no matter what the market sentiment, are Price, Presentation and Promotion! Get the three P’s right and your journey should be smooth, enjoyable and financially