Renovating with a plan

Lately the phone has been ringing constantly with requests to help with colour and furniture selections from people undertaking renovations.

We take our skill and knowledge for granted, but yesterday it struck me just how helpful a simple two-hour consultation can be for our clients by way of providing a road map!

One lovely lady told us she had been agonising for months over what colour to repaint her interior walls and exterior trims, what flooring to use and also, what lounge suite to replace her current one with so she could create a more chat-friendly environment.

Discussing her tastes and aspirations, we had not only these, but a few other design dilemmas all sorted within two hours! And not only that…we saved her $4500! Now that was pretty good!

When looking at the couch situation we saw a very economical solution! Using simple design rules, we rearranged her family room, recommended a few additions and illustrated that her current suite (which is in pristine condition) was actually perfect for her needs.

We love these jobs – where for the price of a two hour consultation, we provided ideas and solutions quickly, taking away the angst of indecision, not to mention the savings on making unnecessary purchases!

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