Nine months on!

This project has been as long as a pregnancy and has taken every bit of my energy and brain power over the past nine months, but Gill & I are so very pleased to announce…

That our latest project, DIY Home Staging for Sale is finally launching!

While the practice of Home Staging is becoming more widely accepted and used as an integral part of any property sales process, there are still so many people who neither know about the advantages of styling their properties for a more lucrative sale OR/NOR have the finances to employ the services of a professional home stager!

We firmly believe that EVERYONE, no matter where in the market their property sits, can and should have access to the right tools to be able to not only do it themselves, but to be guided every step of the way to keep them on track!

We see home staging and property styling as a wealth creation tool like no other!

Because of our passion for this…and helping clients achieve the best prices possible for their properties, we hatched a plan to develop a comprehensive on-line course that would broaden the reach of property styling to a much much wider audience!

DIY Home Staging for Sale is a new branch of our business and offers a mini & master’s program that takes clients on a comprehensive, step-by-step journey through all the property preparation processes necessary for perfect property presentation! (How’s that for a bit of alliteration 😊!)

Members are welcomed into our Styled to Sell family and become part of a community focused on achieving great outcomes in their property sales. Regular BLOGS will provide a constant stream of ideas and inspiration and a closed Facebook Group is a place for members to share their experiences, wins and challenges…as well as to get feedback, tips and encouragement of course!

We are truly excited about this new venture and all it has to offer.

If Home Staging the DIY way sounds interesting to you…or you know someone who would love it, click or share the link and register for our free e-book “10 Things agents are too scared to tell you!” ; and visit our public Facebook page, Instagram page and stay tuned for our regular BLOG updates.

Time now to crack a bottle of champagne…don’t mind if I do!