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4 vayro road

I am privileged to see some amazing houses being a stylist and this one was hard to walk away from… the views, high ceilings and spaces were fabulous.  In this project the owner’s circumstances had changed and it was time to sell, we worked to repaint, declutter and style keeping the costs low but managing to achieve a look that resulted in the house being sold quickly and for a price the owners were very happy with.

59 Campbell Street, East Toowoomba

Demand for houses in this area has always been high and the property was always going to sell, but maximising the speed of the sale and the dollar value was key as the owners had bought elsewhere.  The property needed help to move it from being a loved and lived in home of three growing boys, their parents who work full time, two dogs and one cat!

Prior to the owners moving out I was able to identify some key pieces of theirs that could be used in the staging and styling.  In this way the staging looked and felt homely and lived in rather than showroom perfect.  Being able to integrate key pieces worked well and the house came together beautifully.


First Open: 25 groups through

Sale: Contract in first week of listing

ROI: Staging investment 0.2% of final sale price

130a Holberton Street, Newtown

The owners had bought this house as an investment several years ago and were ready to sell to make the most of their newly purchased unit on the Sunshine Coast.  Gorgeous workers cottages and other similar styles will always be in demand but when owners are looking for top dollar and quick sales, styling is key.

When I initially visited this house there was a tenant living in the property which made measuring challenging.  The other difficulty is ensuring nothing is overlooked when coming up with a prep plan.


Sale: 5 days on market

ROI: Staging investment 0.78% of sale price


‘Thank you for the beautiful display you make of your house.  I’m sure that’s why it sold in 5 days.’ Sandra

39 Panorama Crescent, Prince Henry Heights

The owners had bought this property only in the last couple years and had renovated the property bringing it into the 21st century.  The changes were beautiful, and the home needed the power of styling to show off the transformation that had occurred.

When I initially saw this house there was a tenant living in the property so I needed to make sure that I was accurate in my measurements and also ensure that all aspects of the home were noted.


‘My wife and I are extremely happy with the results of the staging that you have done prior to the sale of our property at 39 Panorama Crescent, Prince Henry Heights and it has been a pleasure to deal with you.

You were recommended by our real estate agent and within minutes of first meeting you on site, I could see that you were up to the task. Your approach was very professional, and you had a feel for the property right away. I felt completely confident in your ability, and being an absentee owner, I was happy to hand you the keys and leave everything up to you.

My wife had been in Sydney with a new grandchild and had reluctantly left the preparation of the property for sale up to me. On her return, we went to Toowoomba last week to inspect the property before sale. Karen has a better eye for detail than I and, she too, is very pleased with what you have created.

I would have no reservations in recommending your business to others.’

7 Bridge Street, Mount Lofty

Refocusing on how we want to live is what we all do once the kids grow up and leave home.  With only one child still at home, Jo and Jim felt the need to make this happen and I had the privilege of helping them present their beautiful family home to the market.  Once we had a plan for sorting, editing and storing items and memories it was then all about altering some of the key spaces to find focus and adding items to create clear function.


This home was sold privately and had multiple offers.  The price achieved enabled Jo and Jim to make the lifestyle change they wanted.


‘When we made the decision to sell our home the thought of the preparation involved was overwhelming. Gill made the process of selling, so much easier. She met with us and gave us clear guidelines on preparing for the staging process, in a calm and methodical manner. Gill was happy to use a combination of our existing furnishings along with the integration of her own to achieve a presentation that was classic, warm and welcoming which is exactly what we wanted. There is no doubt that Gill’s stylish touch and extensive experience in staging helped us not only achieve a price we were happy with but exceeded agents expectations.’

20 Henderson Street, Newtown

As the principals of Belle Property Toowoomba, Rob and Nik Murphy have always been strong supporters of staging and styling.  When Rob decided that they needed to sell their investment property they didn’t hesitate in staging.  Rob felt that being able to confidently share his experience with staging was key for being able to encourage his clients in the future.

13 Campbell street

A move away from Toowoomba prompted the sale of this well positioned family home. We helped with choosing paint colour and compiled a plan of what needed to happen before we came back with key pieces to pull the house together.  The owners did an amazing job of following the plan and the results were fabulous.

156 nelson street

The owners of this large home had already moved to their new location and were ready to sell but needed the right furniture and the best interpretation of spaces to capture the right buyer.  Most of the living room spaces were empty but the bedrooms were furnished so what ever I brought into the house needed to reflect the style in the bedrooms and the style of the house.

The house sold quickly and enabled the owners to focus on their new house.