Tips to curating a gallery wall

Who would’ve thought that 3 months ago the world would be dealing with a pandemic as crippling to our everyday life as we could ever think, but I’m not going to dwell on the upheaval but focus on the little things that make our home spaces great places to stay. #stayhome

One of the many jobs I’ve managed to tackle is dealing with a collection of items that need hanging, kids’ art and smaller original pieces. I love putting together eclectic collections and all the items I’ve used are all similar in size and quite colourful. The wall I’ve hung them on is in the office and they form the backdrop of my daughters #homeschool Zoom meetings.

My 4 key tips for getting the right look and feel are:

  1. Make sure you have all your pieces and curate your collection on the floor first.
  2. Work from the inside out with a balance of colours
  3. keep the distances between the frames as similar as possible
  4. take a photo of what it looks like on the floor and then get busy hanging.

Have fun and enjoy the moment and send me some images of your newly curated gallery