rediscovering your home…

As we are all aware our lives over the last couple months have changed significantly, what we thought was normal… eating out, going out, shopping, holidaying with unlimited numbers of friends and family came to an abrupt halt.  Suddenly our home changed from being a place to pivot from wearing clean clothes and having a good night’s sleep to a place we had to stay.   The change was swift and sudden and took many of us by surprise – an unnerving event. 

But slowly our appreciation for what we were doing and how we wanted to live in our homes changed and the great home overhaul began.  Rooms are being painted, furniture is being polished, cupboards are being emptied, garages reordered and pride and comfort is being restored.  Our homes are being transformed, either by kitting out home offices, setting up home schooling stations, or attending to those household jobs we never get to. 

A short time ago, I went to a presentation given by a local entrepreneur, Aaron from Harolds Finishing Touches, and although I can’t quite remember the exact words he used the idea has stuck with me and that is that our homes should feel like our resort or our piece of paradise.  Meaning that our home should be enough to want to holiday in; when you step through your front door you immediately relax. The ambiance of the home gives you a warm hug and welcomes you. I love this!

So does your home welcome you?  Are you still looking at an item of furniture that has remained in the same annoying spot you put it when you moved in thats not quite right?  Do you need some ideas on how to make your home holiday worthy? Or have you given up and you are ready to sell? Do have items you do not need? If you do I’m here to help, contact me

I am also proudly associated with the Toowoomba Womens Collective-Protea Place and the Welcome Home Project. Sadly, there are people without homes and in homes that are not safe, please reach out to this group and if you have items of furniture to donate, please be in touch.