…not just furniture

It still amazes me the difference the addition of accessories and decor items make to a space with just furniture in it. 

I collected the styling items from this property recently, a partial stage in a low to mid-range property area where the owner had a very tight budget.  I thought I’d take a couple snaps of how “furniture only” looks and why, earlier in my styling journey, I had a strong sense of unease after the furniture has been delivered and placed but before the accessories were added. Everything didn’t look together, and the space was bare and sterile.

But all I had to do was trust in the process and know that once the numerous boxes of accessories had been emptied and the cushions, throws and artwork had been distributed the house would transform into a home.  The white couch wouldn’t look so stark, the walls wouldn’t look so blank and the coffee table wouldn’t look so out of place. The Styling, item placement, creation of vignettes and addition of layers is where the magic happens.  And that for me is the best part of the project.  Relief happens here and this is what I love about install days.

If you’re thinking about selling and are after some styling advice, let me know here