Nine months on!

This project has been as long as a pregnancy and has taken every bit of my energy and brain power over the past nine months, but Gill & I are so very pleased to announce…

That our latest project, DIY Home Staging for Sale is finally launching!

While the practice of Home Staging is becoming more widely accepted and used as an integral part of any property sales process, there are still so many people who neither know about the advantages of styling their properties for a more lucrative sale OR/NOR have the finances to employ the services of a professional home stager!

We firmly believe that EVERYONE, no matter where in the market their property sits, can and should have access to the right tools to be able to not only do it themselves, but to be guided every step of the way to keep them on track!

We see home staging and property styling as a wealth creation tool like no other!

Because of our passion for this…and helping clients achieve the best prices possible for their properties, we hatched a plan to develop a comprehensive on-line course that would broaden the reach of property styling to a much much wider audience!

DIY Home Staging for Sale is a new branch of our business and offers a mini & master’s program that takes clients on a comprehensive, step-by-step journey through all the property preparation processes necessary for perfect property presentation! (How’s that for a bit of alliteration 😊!)

Members are welcomed into our Styled to Sell family and become part of a community focused on achieving great outcomes in their property sales. Regular BLOGS will provide a constant stream of ideas and inspiration and a closed Facebook Group is a place for members to share their experiences, wins and challenges…as well as to get feedback, tips and encouragement of course!

We are truly excited about this new venture and all it has to offer.

If Home Staging the DIY way sounds interesting to you…or you know someone who would love it, click or share the link and register for our free e-book “10 Things agents are too scared to tell you!” ; and visit our public Facebook page, Instagram page and stay tuned for our regular BLOG updates.

Time now to crack a bottle of champagne…don’t mind if I do!

Welcome Spring 2017

I don’t know about you but since winter is officially over I can breathe and accept the fact that these warm days have a reason for being here and the reason is Spring.  The fabulous relief is that the gardens of Toowoomba are flourishing with annuals, the bulbs are out and flowering and there is colour and activity again in the landscape….and maybe it’s now time for that Spring Clean.

As property stylists, we are in our client’s homes looking for the ability to make a house sparkle for sale and with a little rearranging, lots of editing, a scrub, and a few additions this sparkle is always uncovered just in time for real estate photos.  To find the sparkle in your home sooner having a yearly clean out – a Spring clean is a great way to enjoy your home before you decide to move.

So, if you’re getting ready to move and you don’t know where to start, call us for an initial consultation Contact details


The learning process…..

Home Staging, property styling, zhooshing, whatever you’d like to call it –  is an industry still in its growth phase and we as stagers, are still learning, growing and reviewing our techniques.  Last month in fact, I had the pleasure of being able to attend the National Home Staging Symposium in Melbourne. Not only was I able to travel to Melbourne (one of my favourite places), but I was also able to learn from like minded stylists and other professionals associated with the staging industry about their experiences and techniques.

One of the highlights was a presentation from the delightful Jen from on the current trends and what will be around in the next few seasons.  The learning and sharing of information from events like the symposium enables us to keep our looks and our thoughts fresh, contemporary and suited to our clients busily improving their homes for sale.

Photo of Gill and Naomi Findlay from IIHS

Happy New Year!

As the sun sets over the Darling Downs on the final hours of 2016 we give thanks for the year that has been and look forward to the one ahead. For us, 2017 will undoubtedly hold meeting more amazing clients, finding new exciting opportunities and undertaking increasingly diverse projects.

We wish you all abundance and good health as we look forward to a year of helping client’s reach their home-sales goals; and for those using our Simply Enjoy package, a greater level of living comfort.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas!

As we hurtle towards the end of yet another year, Gill & I would like to reflect and offer a heart-felt thank you for your faith in us, our business and the power of a beautifully styled home.

It has been our pleasure to work with so many amazing clients and agents this year and to feel we have played such pivotal role in so many successful sales.

2016 has seen an ever-increasing understanding of the value of styling properties. Like any product, homes are ripe for ‘packaging’! And the proof is in the pudding: the well ‘packaged’ items are the ones to fly off the shelves first, no matter what price bracket they are in. It is your faith in the process that has helped see our business grow and that is very humbling.

So, without further ado, we at Home Staging Toowoomba wish you a truly happy and fun Christmas, a restful holiday and a terrific New Year.

Stay safe and we’ll see you in 2017!

Spring into Summer – the hot selling season!

There is an obvious trend in Toowoomba real estate – a slight slowing of pace in the winter – but when spring and summer hits – look out! The end of the year hails relocations and transfers, so a great time to sell! Now is the time buyers are out and sellers are busy polishing and getting their homes on the market.

As stylists, we ride the real estate wave with vigour and love every moment of our time staging homes for our clients.

This year, to help manage that wave and to give clients a bonus leading up to Christmas, we are offering a pre-Christmas bonus. Two weeks free!

If you’re thinking of selling in the New Year we can get you set-up and organised prior to Christmas and offer 2 weeks of free additional rental.  So in essence, you get 6 weeks for the price of 4 and your home is on the market over Christmas if you wish or ready to hit the road running in January. And you can sit back and relax over the festive season!

To take advantage of this offer, your property must be styled between the 1st and 20th of December. It is a great opportunity to have your property active and on the market over the Christmas & New Year and into relocation time in January.

Conditions Apply

A beautiful home…

Being able to enjoy your home, whether you have just moved in or whether you have been there for a while, is an essential part of enjoyable living…

Do you wonder where to start? Have you looked at your spaces and all your stuff and thought “how could I use it better…?”

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see the potential in your home and furnishings.  Replacing cushions, changing artwork or simply moving pieces of furniture can transform the look and feel of your home!

We can assist with styling advice and tips and there are plenty of simple tricks for getting the best out of your home. They include the use of colour, lighting, flow and orientation of furniture and accessories.  Small changes using what you already have can make a huge difference to the way spaces are used and can provide new opportunities for areas that you’ve not thought of before.

We offer advice on the finer details too, including ideas on maximising the impact of your artwork, mirrors or photos; and how to create interesting focal points displaying personal collections or objects in an artful way.

If you’re after more, we can provide ideas on colour schemes, furniture, accessories, flooring and lighting to suit your requirements and ensure that your whole house remains a cohesive blend of all the things you love and enjoy.

Our Simply Enjoy service is completely tailored to your needs and requirements. Home Staging Toowoomba customises our service to suit you, your preferences and your budget.  We know how important it is to enjoy where you live!

Our prices start at $275 for an initial 2-hour consultation. Or come along to our workshop at Studio Fifty-Three for a 2-hour taste for just $95. Who knows where it could lead you!

Taking the Green Inside

As stylists we’re always looking for ways to create comfortable and desirable spaces that pull on buyer’s heart strings.  Like any profession we’ve developed a formula that achieves results; a key component to that formula is the use of both indoor and outdoor plants.

Bringing green inside has many benefits – psychologically it creates a sense of calm and visually it provides a layer within the homes landscape that is neither intrusive nor unnecessary.  A Fiddle Leaf Fig in the corner of a room; a grouping of Lilly Pillys to soften a patio area and a specimen leaf in a vase, such as Monstera on a bookshelf, adds plenty of visual appeal.

It’s this green touch that we continue to use in our styling and one aspect of our service that we love to offer our clients.  The plants we supply are maintained throughout the duration of staging and in some cases well after the staging has finished and the new owners have moved in.

See how it works

Staging in a Sluggish Market

Although some may hate to admit it, here in Toowoomba there’s been a definite slowing in certain price brackets of the market. Some properties are sitting for longer, drawing out the process for anxious vendors and pushing the cost of marketing up too.

Under these circumstances, it might seem counter-intuitive to even consider investing in staging, right? Well actually…wrong!  Both national and international data, backed by local experience still strongly suggest it’s a pretty smart thing to do and forms a vital component of a successful sales and marketing campaign.

As with any product, the better it’s packaged the more attractive it will be and the quicker it will fly off the shelf! And in real estate, it’s all about standing out from the crowd and making sure your house is the one buyer’s beat a steady path to on open days! It is also very much about getting buyers to connect emotionally with your home and that is where staging is vital.

The three most important components for a successful property sale, no matter what the market sentiment, are Price, Presentation and Promotion! Get the three P’s right and your journey should be smooth, enjoyable and financially

Renovating with a plan

Lately the phone has been ringing constantly with requests to help with colour and furniture selections from people undertaking renovations.

We take our skill and knowledge for granted, but yesterday it struck me just how helpful a simple two-hour consultation can be for our clients by way of providing a road map!

One lovely lady told us she had been agonising for months over what colour to repaint her interior walls and exterior trims, what flooring to use and also, what lounge suite to replace her current one with so she could create a more chat-friendly environment.

Discussing her tastes and aspirations, we had not only these, but a few other design dilemmas all sorted within two hours! And not only that…we saved her $4500! Now that was pretty good!

When looking at the couch situation we saw a very economical solution! Using simple design rules, we rearranged her family room, recommended a few additions and illustrated that her current suite (which is in pristine condition) was actually perfect for her needs.

We love these jobs – where for the price of a two hour consultation, we provided ideas and solutions quickly, taking away the angst of indecision, not to mention the savings on making unnecessary purchases!

To find out more, check out our Simply Enjoy Service: