A beautiful home…

Being able to enjoy your home, whether you have just moved in or whether you have been there for a while, is an essential part of enjoyable living…

Do you wonder where to start? Have you looked at your spaces and all your stuff and thought “how could I use it better…?”

Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see the potential in your home and furnishings.  Replacing cushions, changing artwork or simply moving pieces of furniture can transform the look and feel of your home!

We can assist with styling advice and tips and there are plenty of simple tricks for getting the best out of your home. They include the use of colour, lighting, flow and orientation of furniture and accessories.  Small changes using what you already have can make a huge difference to the way spaces are used and can provide new opportunities for areas that you’ve not thought of before.

We offer advice on the finer details too, including ideas on maximising the impact of your artwork, mirrors or photos; and how to create interesting focal points displaying personal collections or objects in an artful way.

If you’re after more, we can provide ideas on colour schemes, furniture, accessories, flooring and lighting to suit your requirements and ensure that your whole house remains a cohesive blend of all the things you love and enjoy.

Our Simply Enjoy service is completely tailored to your needs and requirements. Home Staging Toowoomba customises our service to suit you, your preferences and your budget.  We know how important it is to enjoy where you live!

Our prices start at $275 for an initial 2-hour consultation. Or come along to our workshop at Studio Fifty-Three for a 2-hour taste for just $95. Who knows where it could lead you!