Vacant Home Stage


The toughest properties to sell

Styling vacant homes is vital for a successful sale.

We provide an obligation free quote on the cost of styling by quickly gauging the amount of furnishings and accessories required. At the same time we also consider the type of home and the target market.

Typically we will walk through the whole property starting from the front entry and discuss the requirements of the property in order to bring it to a sales-ready look and feel. We take note of the condition of the home’s lighting, light fittings and window furnishings, flooring, bathrooms and paint work so that if there are concerns these can be addressed prior to the home being staged.

Our Vacant Homes service ensures that all rooms are appropriately furnished for their function leaving buyers in no doubt what each room’s purpose it and the size of furniture that fits.  We add layers to create a unique and inviting feel using cushions, artwork, mirrors, floor rugs and accessories.  In the kitchen we even add appliances if necessary.

When selling there is always a list of last-minute maintenance jobs that need attention, both inside and outside the house.  We help identify and prioritise these tasks to make tackling them easier and to meet timeframe requirements.  We have a comprehensive list of tradespeople whom we know and trust and can refer you to, or we can coordinate the entire project for you.

It is compulsory that the owner insures the home for contents cover while the staged furniture is in place.

Home Staging Toowoomba customises this service to suit you, your preferences and your budget, because we want you to be able to maximise your sale successfully.

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