Home Staging Transformation

For clients looking for a competitive edge

The Home Staging Transformation package is perfect for owner occupied homes. 

Our first priority is to determine a property’s target market as this sets up how we style the home. We then assess the property looking for focal areas, flow, space and lighting before establishing what changes need to be made.  This extended consultation is for a minimum of two hours.

Typically we will walk through the whole property starting from the front entry and discuss the actions that each area needs in order to bring it to a market-ready look and feel. In most cases these actions are categorised into four different areas.


De-cluttering and de-personalising’

This means removing or refining collections and personal items such as photos and other personal effects from the room. In order to attract buyers to the house they have to see themselves in the same space, so removing your personal objects and collections makes that easier and stops them being distracted.


Light and Layout

For a room to feel spacious and inviting, we may rearrange the furniture to create a better sense of space, light and flow. We look at the amount of light that comes in and ensure the soft furnishings around the windows are suitable. If additional lighting is required, we bring in lamps, change globes and in some cases source new light fittings.



When all the editing has been done and the layout has been finalised, using the colours in the rooms we then add cushions, rugs, artwork, bed linen, towels and hired or purchased pieces to add a cohesive feel throughout the whole house. We can also add potted plants and fresh flowers for extra life, movement and appeal.



When selling there is always a list of last-minute maintenance jobs that need attention, both inside and outside the house.  We help you identify and prioritise these tasks to make tackling them easier and to meet time frames required.  We have a comprehensive list of tradespeople whom we know and trust and can refer you to, or we can coordinate the entire project for you.

Home Staging Toowoomba customises the Home Staging Transformation service to suit you, your preferences and your budget, because we want you to be able to maximise your sale successfully.

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