What our clients say

These are just some of the testimonials we have received from our satisfied clients and agents.

I have just returned home after seeing Curtis St. Wow!!! I thought I was in the wrong house!  I thought the styling made the place look sophisticated, opulent and luxurious. The 2 living rooms have been cleverly modified and the bedrooms look fabulous. To be honest there is nothing that looks out of place and I could never have pictured the house looking so good. If we don’t sell for a fair price now then it just wasn’t meant to be.  Thanks to you and Deb for your hard work and creativity. What a transformation.

Hilton & Ruth, (clients, Home Staging Transformation Service)

I found Home Staging to be very professional, punctual, and eager to please in their approach to looking after my property. My real estate agent also was very impressed with their work.  I feel sure they were partly responsible for the price obtained and quick sale of the property.
I would certainly recommend them to any future clients.

Kerry (client, Vacant Home Stage Service)

We hired Home Staging Toowoomba to stage our property in South Toowoomba, having tried unsuccessfully (i.e. no offers) to sell it empty 12 months previously. It is a Queenslander, to which we added a large two storey extension in 2010-11. As we now live interstate, it was essential that we have people in town whom we trusted. Deb and Gill recommended we stage the entire house and also made suggestions for additional work that would improve the appeal of the property, such as painting and a few yard improvements. They also lined up tradespeople to carry out this work at very short notice. The finished job was nothing short of amazing. They staged the house to make it look like a home, without putting too much furniture into every space. Each room had the suggestion of purpose but was not limited by the selection of furniture/accessories. Buyer interest in our property confirmed our belief that staging was work every cent. Thank you both, for a job well done.

Philippa & Lorne (clients, Vacant Home Stage Service)

We enlisted Gill and Deb from Home Staging Toowoomba because our house which had been on the market for 4 months was not selling. They were both not only very professional but equally warm and personable to deal with. The house was transformed using a combination of hire furniture and our own possessions.  We then had an open house the following weekend, and from this came the sale of the house for the price we wanted to achieve.

Chrissy & Geoff (clients, Home Staging Transformation Service)

Thanks also for the wonderful job you did of furnishing our house. It looked spectacular in the photos, and even better in reality. We especially appreciated the little touches that you included to make the house look homely and loved, and that you were able to use some of our items that we left there to personalise it. The choice of colours was very inspired and made each room feel fresh and inviting. When you had both finished your great work we felt confident that we had done everything we could as sellers to make the sale easy.

 As you know we had a tight deadline, so it was vital for us that you adhered to our deadlines. We really appreciated your professionalism in having everything ready by the required date.

Heather Drew
 (client, Vacant Home Stage Service)

I know it’s an old saying but it really is, ‘You never know what you have until it’s gone’. Deb & Gill did our home staging – it was not about what we wanted but what would sell our home. Everyone that came to our home said that it looked perfect, from the placement of the lamps to the colour tonings of the furniture. I thought our home was pretty well laid out but it wasn’t until Deb & Gill did their magic that I felt more at home than I ever was in the ten years of living there. Deb & Gill did such an amazing job on our home that it sold in seven days. Many thanks for a wonderful job.

Terry & Bernie (client, Home Staging Transformation Service)

Wow!!!! What a difference some good old fashioned painting and sprucing up with some fine furniture can make.
A quick sale and a great price – all thanks to Home Staging Toowoomba!  Home Staging Toowoomba changed the whole look of my house to ensure the “wow” factor was there as soon  as every prospective buyer stepped into the home.  Gill and Deb have a fantastic natural ability to see how a room can look great.  They are very easy to work with, always listened and worked in consultation with me at all times and their ideas were brilliant – from the colours of the walls, types of curtains, lightshades, cushions, plants and everything in between – they made the house look very modern and still homely.  They were always mindful of the budget and worked within this.  I would have no hesitation in recommending them (I already do) to anyone who wants to sell their house quickly but most importantly for the best price possible.  I had four offers after the first open house.  You won’t be disappointed!!

Sharon (client, Home Staging Transformation Service)

As an agent, it is great to have Gill and Deb come in and weave their magic on a property. They help to create a win-win situation for all concerned.  I love that Home Staging Toowoomba’s work removes me as the middle man and allows me to get on with selling the property. They are easy to work with and the quality of their work is above and beyond what I ever thought possible.  HST’s use of furnishings and accessories is always top quality, making the finished result feel high-end and luxurious.  I have no doubt that by staging the projects it has made it easier for my clients to gain a quicker sale and a higher price than would have otherwise been achieved. Their work serves to enhance the positive features of each property and diminish the negatives, thereby eliminating any potential bargaining tools for buyers.  HST is invested in their work and genuinely want a good result for their clients. I would not hesitate to recommend Home Staging Toowoomba to others interested in achieving a marketing edge when selling their property.

Adam Duffus (Agent)

I think people do need to see the full potential of a room a lot of the time, and the girls certainly provided that in plenty.  I’ve been in Real Estate for a number of years and have sold many properties in and around Toowoomba. I was amazed at the transformations that Home Staging Toowoomba was able to achieve in the staged homes that I have sold. Sales exceeded the seller’s expectations by between 10 and 15%, and for a seller’s investment of less than 1% that’s a great return.  These results are a testament to the advantages available for property owners investing in home staging, particularly with Home Staging Toowoomba, and I would recommend Deb and Gill for any person who wants to achieve the best possible price.

Alan Reilly (Agent) 

As a real estate agent it is a pleasure to work with vendors who get the concept of presenting a property for sale. They asked Home Staging Toowoomba to furnish and accessorize a home in Noosaville I was charged with selling. It was stylish and inviting, making the photography pop, garnering an above average inspection rate in this area and price bracket, and multiple enquiries as to whether the owners would sell it furnished!  The property sold in the first week on the market for the price the vendor wanted. A good result all around.
Alex Harris (Agent)